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  1. How to Measure Your Swimsuit Size

    Need help measuring your swimsuit size? Just check out the helpful video above for an easy-to-follow guide that will walk you through the steps of figuring out which size will best fit and flatter your body.

  2. Plus Models Katie Halchishick Willcox and Laura Wells Model Swim Sexy for swimsuitsforall Summer 2014 Launch

    swimsuitsforall announces Summer 2014 launch of Swim Sexy plus size swimwear collection featuring plus models Laura Wells and Katie Halchishick Willcox   New York, NY February 26th, 2014: swimsuitsforall, a women’s swimwear online retailer, is happy to announce that their popular Swim Sexy swimwear collection will return in Summer 2014, featuring plus-size models Katie Halchishick Willcox […]

  3. Finding the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

    Body Type: Hourglass What it Looks Like: An hourglass body type features an overall curvy shape with wide hips and shoulders, a smaller waist, full rear and thigh and, slim and shapely lower legs. What to Wear: In general, hourglass-shaped women should look for swimsuits that keep the eye busy and accentuate the waist. Halter […]

  4. water aerobics FAQ

    Water Aerobics FAQ

    What is water aerobics? Water aerobics (also known as aqua fitness, water exercise, aquacise or aquafit) is a type of exercise performed in waist or chest-deep water. The exercises promote physical fitness and muscle training using water resistance while minimizing the impact of the exertion on the joints and muscles. What advantages does water aerobics […]

  5. water aerobics exercises

    Types of Water Aerobics Exercises

    If you’re just getting started with water aerobics, it’s useful to first learn about a few different techniques before you hit the pool. If you’ve already been practicing water aerobics for a while, you might be interested in learning a few new techniques to change up your workout routine. Below we’ve compiled a list of […]

  6. How to Find the Perfect Tankini

    Everyone knows that when it comes to women’s swimwear, tankinis are one of the best options available. After all, they’re feminine, practical, and stylishly sexy. You get the best of the both worlds, with the versatility of a two piece and the coverage and support of a one piece. But choosing just the right tankini […]

  7. Loving Your Large Bust

    Loving your large bust is easy if you know exactly which cut of swimsuit best flatters and flaunts your curvy features. If you have a large bust, you should generally avoid certain swimsuit styles that don’t provide enough support and coverage. If you’ve got a great bust, you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt it and […]

  8. Stylish Swimdresses

    Swimdresses are a simply a swimwear classic. This feminine style, which features a skirted bottom, is known for being slightly more modest than the traditional one piece, yet still sophisticated, chic and sexy. A swim dress is generally flattering, but it helps to know which type of silhouette will look best on your body so […]

  9. Slimming Two Piece Swimsuits

    The right two piece swimsuit can be incredibly flattering on almost any body, which is what makes it such a popular swimsuit option for so many women. But choosing the perfect tankini or bikini can be difficult if you’re not sure which option best complements your figure. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of […]

  10. Slimming One Piece Swimsuits

     A classic one piece is always flattering and fashionable, but it’s not always so easy to find the perfect swimsuit to perfectly fit your body. Below you’ll find some amazing tips and guidelines for finding a fabulous swimsuit you can wear based on your body type and desired look. It’s incredibly important when you’re shopping […]