Aqua Fit

  1. Water Aerobics FAQ

    What is water aerobics? Water aerobics (also known as aqua fitness, water exercise, aquacise or aquafit) is a type of exercise performed in waist or chest-deep water. The exercises promote physical fitness and muscle training using water resistance while minimizing the impact of the exertion on the joints and muscles. What advantages does water aerobics […]

  2. Types of Water Aerobics Exercises

    If you’re just getting started with water aerobics, it’s useful to first learn about a few different techniques before you hit the pool. If you’ve already been practicing water aerobics for a while, you might be interested in learning a few new techniques to change up your workout routine. Below we’ve compiled a list of […]

  3. Top 10 Reasons to Start Practicing Water Aerobics

    Low Impact For a workout that’s effective yet easier on your joints, knees and back, try water aerobics! Aqua fitness is an excellent low-impact workout solution because the buoyancy and fluidity of the water ensures that you don’t make any harsh, quick movements that could be painful to your joints. Water Resistance While the water […]

  4. Top 10 Tips for Water Aerobics Beginners

    Look for an instructor that teaches different levels of water aerobics so that you can stick with the same teacher as you advance in skill. Invest in some well-made, fashionable chlorine resistant swimwear. That way, you’ll look great and you won’t have to worry about those harmful chlorine chemicals damaging your suit while you workout […]

  5. Practicing Deep Water Aerobics

    Many water aerobics beginners usually start off by practicing in shallow water that’s usually chest to waist deep. While exercising in a shallow pool can definitely work up a sweat, you might want to consider increasing the intensity level of your workout by moving to deep-end of the pool. Deep-water exercises will rev up the […]