Finding the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Body Type: Hourglass

What it Looks Like:
An hourglass body type features an overall curvy shape with wide hips and shoulders, a smaller waist, full rear and thigh and, slim and shapely lower legs.

What to Wear:
In general, hourglass-shaped women should look for swimsuits that keep the eye busy and accentuate the waist. Halter tops, V-necks, allover prints and side panels all help to highlight curves and feature the slimness of the waist and legs.

If you’re an hourglass shape then you’re in luck, because mostly any style of swimsuit will work fairly well with your body type!

Body Type: Apple

What it Looks Like:
An apple or oval-shaped body type features a full bust, waist and upper back, a pronounced tummy and midriff but less full hips, a flat rear, and slim arms and legs.

What to Wear:
Oval-shaped women should look for swimsuits that provide a steady balance to your body type and can elongate your figure.

Swimsuits with a built-in underwire bra and skirted bottoms can be very flattering and balancing and high, scoop or square-necked suits can narrow the shoulders. Look for surplices to provide length to your figure or consider blousons tankinis to downplay your midsection while accentuating your slimmer lower body.

Body Type: Triangle

What it Looks Like:
A triangle, or pear, body type features prominent hips, thighs, and rear, narrow shoulders, bust and waist, and average to large legs.

What to Wear:
Triangle-shaped women should look for swimsuits that flatter the figure and downplay fuller thighs and legs. One pieces or swimdresses with an empire waist or princess seam or a light colored top paired with a solid, dark short or a skirt can help provide a balanced look to your figure and emphasize your slimmer attributes.

To draw the eye up toward your face and shoulders and away from your lower body, you might also try a look with an embellished bust-line or a bandeau top.

Body Type: Inverted Triangle

What it Looks Like:
An inverted triangle body type features a full bust, waist, and upper back, less full hips, a flat rear, slim arms and legs, and a pronounced tummy and midriff.

What to Wear:
Inverted triangle-shaped women should look for suits that elongate your figure and draw attention away from the midriff, bust and waist. In particular, tops with underwire bras provide excellent support for the bust, skirted bottoms add an extra layer of depth to the lower body and wide or square necked suits narrow the shoulders.

You should also try surplice dresses to provide a longer look to your figure or consider blousons to downplay your midsection and create a balanced overall look.

Body Type: Square

What it Looks Like:
A square, or rectangle, body type features an average bust, waist, and hips ­­– all of a similar size.

What to Wear:
Some consider this body type to be ‘boyish’-looking, but you can easily create the illusion of curves by trying halter or v-neck swimdresses with twists, wraps, and skirts. All of these work well to create a flattering, feminine look.

In particular, look for shirring at the waist and bust or pretty details like ruffles to add the illusion of curves.

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