How to Care for Swimwear

Caring for swimwear properly is incredibly important to ensure that you get the most life and quality out of your swimsuit possible, especially if you frequently practice water aerobics or another type of water sport. It may seem easier to just throw your swimsuit in with the rest of the wash, but you actually do need to separate, then hand wash and air-dry your swimsuits to preserve both the quality, fit and color of the fabric.

To help you make sure your swimwear is properly cared for, here’s some helpful tips!

  • Hand wash your swimsuit after every use even if you didn’t wear it in the pool or ocean. Harmful elements like body perspiration and suntan lotion can still contribute to the breakdown and discoloration of the fabric even if it wasn’t directly exposed to water or chlorine.
  • Wash your swimsuit with mild hand soap made without added moisturizers since laundry detergents are too harsh on the spandex and the color.
  • Do not wring the swimsuit to remove the excess water. To preserve the shape of the suit, you should instead lay it on a towel, roll that towel up and gently squeeze.
  • To dry, lay the swimsuit flat, letting it rest for 24 – 36 hours.
  • Do not use a clothes dryer since the agitation and the excessive heat can cause damage to your swimsuit and hanging it to dry to will stretch out the fibers in the fabric.
  • Allow your swimsuit to rest, instead of throwing it in the dryer. This will allow it to recover its natural shape and fit.

If you’re an avid swimmer, it’s incredibly important that you follow these tips to ensure that you’re swimsuit lasts as long as possible. You should also invest in suits that feature long-lasting, durable fabrics if you’re hitting the pool day after day. A chlorine-resistant swimsuit is the perfect solution if you find that even the utmost care isn’t doing much to extend the life of your swimsuit. These high-quality swimsuits are able to resist the harmful effects of chlorine exposure so that you can enjoy the waters without having to worry about risking the shape, color and quality of your swimsuit.

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