Slimming One Piece Swimsuits

 A classic one piece is always flattering and fashionable, but it’s not always so easy to find the perfect swimsuit to perfectly fit your body. Below you’ll find some amazing tips and guidelines for finding a fabulous swimsuit you can wear based on your body type and desired look. It’s incredibly important when you’re shopping for swimwear to find a one piece that flatters both your style and figure so that you can relax on the beach or by the pool in comfort and style.


There are several different styles of slimming one pieces that you can choose from. One particular type is the sarong-front one piece, which features the one piece silhouette you’ve come to know and love along with a built-in sarong panel to cover the front of your midriff. The sarong-front panel is an excellent choice if you’re looking to downplay your midsection and provide more coverage in the hips and leg area. You’ll also find that sarong-front swimsuits are incredibly feminine and stylish! If you don’t want to go the sarong route, you could also try a swimsuit that’s slightly ruched around the waist and midsection, which helps to suck in and flatten any unwanted bulges around the torso. Another great way to put together a look that’s sleek and slim is to find styles that lengthen your torso. Shop for one pieces that feature low necklines that accentuate your bust by drawing attention upwards, effectively creating the illusion of a longer, narrower figure.


Of course, you’ll always feel more safe going with a solid, black one piece but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and sport prints that are on the bolder, more vibrant side. You might be surprised to learn that diagonal stripes can also be very flattering. Diagonal stripes work brilliantly to both highlight your curvy features as well as make your torso look longer and slimmer. You can find many different types of one pieces that feature diagonal stripes, even some that incorporate color-blocking elements to help break up the appearance of the torso. Of course, the general rule is that curvy women should stay away from horizontal stripes but this isn’t necessarily true. A strategically placed horizontal stripe can be flattering if it hits you in the right place, especially right below the bust or at the waist of a swimdress which can help to add the appearance of length to your torso. Allover prints like florals and animal prints can also be very flattering since they can help to break up the torso.


Yes, black as a general rule can be very slimming but there are plenty of other colors that you can flaunt with confidence. Jewel tones are always very flattering, such as rich forest greens, sapphire tones as well as garnet and purple tones. You can also shop for brighter colors, too. In fact, strategically placed, bright color blocks can actually be very slimming and they’re a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

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