Slimming Two Piece Swimsuits

The right two piece swimsuit can be incredibly flattering on almost any body, which is what makes it such a popular swimsuit option for so many women. But choosing the perfect tankini or bikini can be difficult if you’re not sure which option best complements your figure. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of slimming two piece swimsuit options so you can easily find your perfect fit!

Blouson Tankinis

For a feminine style that draws attention away from your tummy, a blouson tankini top is an excellent option. This fashionable tankini top is banded right above the hips and bloused out over the rest of the torso. Blouson tankinis are also a great bust-minimizing solution since the fabric isn’t as tight on top. Styles like scoop-neck blouson tankinis provide a very high level of comfort and support.

Flared Tankini

Much like the blouson, flared tankinis are both stylish and flattering. These tankini tops feature cinching at the waist and fabric that’s flared out just a little bit above the hips. This option – while loose in the tummy area – is tighter around the waist and is a great solution if you want to both accentuate your bust and maintain a high level of support and coverage.

Empire Top

Empire tankinis feature cinching at the waist and fabric that falls straight towards the hips. Like blouson and flared tops, empire tops help to create a visually slimming effect on your torso. You can make this look even more slimming by shopping for a v-neck empire top, which will not only draw attention away from your midsection but up towards a feminine bust. This can help create the effect of making your torso look longer and slimmer by drawing the eye upwards. Other flattering features include brightly colored ties at the waist that provide an element of color blocking which helps to break up the torso and make your waist smaller.

High Waisted Bikinis

A popular type of two piece swimwear is the high-waisted bikini, a swimsuit that incorporates the elements of a classic bikini top and a brief bottom that hits the waist or right below it. This stylish is incredibly fashionable and is perfect for the woman who wants a swimsuit that’s a bit sexier than a tankini but not as a revealing as a classic bikini. Some high-waisted briefs even allow you to fold over the extra fabric so that you can adjust just how high you want it to go.


A midkini combines elements of a tankini and a bikini to provide you with more coverage and support than most bikinis. Instead of just covering your bust like the typical skimpy bikini top, the midkini comes right below the chest to hit the waist for a look that’s flattering and fashionable.

Skirtinis, Shortinis and Tankinis

It’s also incredibly important to pick the right bottom to complement your tankini top. When shopping for bottoms, you should consider how you want swimsuit to flatter your hips and thighs. If you’re eager to show them off for a long, sexy look, then choose a tankini paired with a classic brief bottom. If you want to downplay your hips and thighs, then shop for a feminine skirtini or a sporty shortini for a style that provides more coverage than a traditional tankini.

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