Top 10 Reasons to Start Practicing Water Aerobics

  1. Low Impact
    For a workout that’s effective yet easier on your joints, knees and back, try water aerobics! Aqua fitness is an excellent low-impact workout solution because the buoyancy and fluidity of the water ensures that you don’t make any harsh, quick movements that could be painful to your joints.
  2. Water Resistance
    While the water helps create a low-impact environment for exercises, it also helps to tone your muscles because of the natural resistance that occurs when you’re pushing against the water. Even better, when your limbs move back AND forth through the water both groups of muscles (front and back of your arms and thighs) get toned!
  3. Buoyancy
    The buoyancy of the water helps create a safe and effective workout for older adults, because they don’t have to worry about falling or hitting the floor while exercising or hurting knee joints while walking in the pool.
  4. Ease
    Practicing water aerobics is easy. All you need is access to a pool, some high-quality athletic swimsuits and you’re set! You can practice a few simple techniques on your own (like water walking, water jogging and swimming) or you can easily find a class in your local community center for some fun with friends!
  5. Fun
    Water aerobics classes are often practiced in large classes with a dynamic teacher leading the group in fun and creative exercise routines. You can very easily incorporate some exciting aspects into your class by adding some music, dance moves and, of course, some good friends.
  6. Versatility
    There are so many ways to practice water aerobics! You can practice alone, with friends, without equipment or with props like noodles, kickboards, hand webs and more! Each workout can be adjusted to your level of comfort or desired intensity. For some ideas on types of workouts that you can try in your class, check out our article on types of water aerobics exercises.
  7. Social
    While water aerobics can definitely be fun and exciting, let’s not forget that it’s still a workout and a good workout is never easy! Fortunately, exercising can become easier if you practice with friends. Many group classes exist for water aerobics in every neighborhood, so naturally it’s going to be a very social exercise. You can kill two birds with one stone, getting fit and making new and lasting friendships!
  8. Intensity
    Water aerobics may be low-impact, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get intense! Just try a (seemingly) simple exercise like jogging in the pool with the water pushing against you and you’ll be surprised to find yourself sweating while you’re in the water!
  9. Effective
    Water aerobics workouts can be an effective way to tone your muscles and gain some strength in your upper and lower body. Practicing water aerobics a few times a week can make a difference in your overall wellness and sense of fitness.
  10. Fashionable
    This may come as a surprise, but so many fashionable athletic swimwear options are available for women who practice water aerobics. If you are planning to practice water aerobics on a regular basis, you should invest in some well-made chlorine resistant swimsuits. They’re proven to hold up against frequent chlorine exposure and retain fabric quality, color and shape. Many options exist for you to find fashionable chlorine resistant swimsuits, so you’ll be swimming pretty while you get fit.

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