Water Aerobics FAQ

What is water aerobics?

Water aerobics (also known as aqua fitness, water exercise, aquacise or aquafit) is a type of exercise performed in waist or chest-deep water. The exercises promote physical fitness and muscle training using water resistance while minimizing the impact of the exertion on the joints and muscles.

What advantages does water aerobics offer?

Water resistance and buoyancy make water aerobics different from other types of land-based exercises. The natural resistance creates ‘drag’, encouraging you to work both sides of your muscles as you move your limbs back and forth through the water. The buoyancy also ensures that you don’t put too much pressure on your joints and feet while standing and moving around in the pool.

What is the appropriate attire for water aerobics?

Wear the appropriate swimsuit for comfort and ease of movement. Shop for athletic swimwear that’s comfortable and fitted such as long -torso swimwear, racerback swimsuits or cross-back swimsuits. A swimsuit constructed with synthetic fibers, such as polyester and or even Lycra, will afford your better flexibility and durability. If you plan to perform your workout routine often, invest in some chlorine-resistant swimwear that can retain its quality, shape and color even after repeated exposure to harmful chemicals in the pool.

Do you need special equipment to do water aerobics?

One of the benefits of water aerobics is that the exercises can be performed with or without equipment. All you need is waist or chest-deep water, a little bit of room and some high-quality water aerobics swimwear. The natural resistance of the water will help work your muscles on its own. If you choose to perform your exercises in deep water, you can use a flotation belt, or noodle, to ensure that your back remains upright and straight while you move your arms and legs through the water.

What are the types of classes available in water aerobics?

Water aerobics is an excellent choice if you’re looking for variety. Many instructors like to incorporate different elements from other fitness programs into their classes in order to spice things up.  You’ll find classes like water stepping, aqua boxing, kickboxing, yoga and even Aqua Zumba. You can try out each of these classes to see which ones provide the intensity level that you’re looking for. If you like your current water aerobics routine but want to mix it up and add a sense of fun, feel free to try adding some music to your workout. If you’re looking for a quick way to boost the intensity level, try adding some simple water dumbbells or ankle cuffs to add some more resistance to your exercise routine.

water aerobics FAQ

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